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Volcanic Stone Tequila Glass 4 cm (4 piece) - Vaso Tequilero 1 oz

Volcanic Stone Tequila Glass 4 cm (4 piece) - Vaso Tequilero 1 oz

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Having a tequila with friends in a 100% handmade piece of volcanic stone is a delight, your drink stays cold without the need for ice and your drink does not mix with water.

Recommendations: Wash with a brush with soap and water, when required, to maintain its natural state.


Before using any piece of stone that will contain water or any other liquid for the first time it is essential to "cure it" and this is the way we recommend to do so:

1. Wash thoroughly with water.

2. Depending on the pieces to be cured, you must have a container where these pieces fit and can be completely covered with water.

3. Arrange the pieces inside the container, it is recommended that no parts protrude from the container or that they are very tight.

4. Fill the bowl with tap water.

5. Leave the pieces submerged for 24 hours.

6. Remove the pieces and let dry in the shade.

Once this process has been done you can already use the product.

This method is intended to cover the porosity and slow the natural filtration of the stone.

Cleaning the sauce boat / ramekin / mezcalera / tequilero

Daily cleaning should be done with a hard and firm bristle brush, soap and water; Carve vigorously to remove the largest residue and rinse. Repeat the operation if necessary.

Diameter: 4 cm - Diametro 4 cm

Lava rock - Roca Volcanica

100% lead free, the rock is extracted by hand no explosives are used - 100 % libre de plomo , la roca se extrae a mano no se utilizan explosivos

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