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Zorritone Cold Relief Syrup 4 oz - Dietary Supplement

Zorritone Cold Relief Syrup 4 oz - Dietary Supplement

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Zorritone Cold Relief Syrup is what mothers turn to when children are under attack from cold and flu symptoms. The fact that your children attend school means they're bombarded by germs throughout the day. In the spring, nature blooms and provides a whole new crop of pollen that's released into the atmosphere. Spring is that time of year for allergy sufferers to begin their annual ritual of sneezing, coughing and sniffling. Every year, millions of people the world over fall prey to hay fever. Zorritone Cold Relief Syrup can help relieve the cold symptoms that originate from pollen, mold spores, trees, grass, weeds, and cats and dogs. Children are active, and they're bound to be exposed to several or all of these elements in a day filled with normal activities. The great thing about your cold relief product is that it can provide the quick solution that children need to get back on their feet. Keeping a child healthy and active is what every caring parent looks forward to.

Auxiliar en el control de diversas afecciones en las vias respiratorias.

Por el mentol refresca la garganta irritada y el aliento

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